iPhone and iPad Application Development

The iPhone is one of the most popular and outstanding handsets in the ever-changing mobile landscape today. This device has allured and enchanted numerous users all over the world. Customer expectation of reliability and quality provides an attractive opportunity for different companies to make the best use of the excitement generated by this new phone. If you want to tailor your web applications specifically for iPhone users then the iPhone application development can be done easily with the help of standard web development tools which generate the HTML that the iPhone requires.

iPhone applications / software are the functional display of creativity and technology and our brilliant iPhone professionals (mobile application designers & developers) materializes your specific ideas on your iPhone sets. Following guidelines of iPhone SDK (software development kit) is easy for any developer but we add value with our experience in mobile application development. We have developed the exclusive combination of young and experienced professionals, which are proficient enough to understand the modern demands, concerning your applications with no trouble and our experience will bring quality in your iPhone applications according to your imagination.

We have experts programmer who can work for building iPhone Application Development, iPhone Mobile Application & Website Development, iPhone Programming. We can make third party iPhone applications for this revolutionary device. If you need experienced professionals to take care of your Mobile Phone applications development, you've already found a reliable partner

Applications in iPhone

Applications bundled with the iPhone include camera, SMS, calendar, stocks, weather, maps, clock, calculator, notes, media player and many more. The iPhone operating system is capable of supporting the bundled and future applications from its maker as well as from third-party developers. Add to this the exciting news that the iPhone makers will allow the third-party iPhone application development. This has led to a good deal of activities around iPhone application programming and several iPhone application development services have set up shop to serve the potential demand for customized iPhone application.

  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Games
  • Utility application

Business Applications

For instance, they frequently need to verify, reply to and manage their emails, see calendar for appointments, update the contacts, browse the Web, instruct the employees through SMS, and use the calculator. They might also need to know weather conditions for visits outside their city or the country, plan their itinerary, book and confirm travel tickets and hotels, rely on the GPS to guide them and reach the place of appointment, and remain in touch with the office through conference calls. In addition, enterprise applications allow them to keep abreast of business operations and activities such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financial and many others.

In short - email, calendar, contacts, web browsing, enterprise applications, visual voicemail, SMS, calculator, GPS, weather forecast - these are some of the essential business applications that a businessperson can’t do without. We have enough resources for development of custom business applications for iPhone. We are in the process of creating enterprise applications. If you are interested in business applications, then contact us for your special needs.

  • iPhone Business / Finance Application
  • iPhone Education / Entertainment/ Games Application
  • iPhone Health / Fitness/ Lifestyle / Music and Navigation

iPhone and games

Mobile Gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors when it comes to personal entertainment. And popularity of iPhone 3G mobile has added boost to it.

Next to the mobile phone and SMS, games are perhaps the most popular feature of the iPhone and all similar touch screen mobile devices. People now indulge in leisure activities while on the move. For those already hooked on the iPhone and for those yet to acquire this gizmo, games is perhaps one of the irresistible features. With the largest LCD screen comparable to other devices in its class, iPhone games offer a matchless gaming experience. Games for iPhone are one area that demands rigorous standards and skills on part of our iPhone game developer team. We have a small yet qualified and efficient team of programmers and software engineers who constantly seek to develop game for iPhone.

iPhone Themes and Icons

Awe Designz can create customized themes and icons to help you personalize your iPhone. As a professional design firm, we are always looking for new themes, icons and wallpapers to fulfill the increasing demand for creative and user-friendly visual interface. Please contact us if you require a specialized set of icons for your iPhone. If you are looking for development of native iPhone games, Awe Designz is one stop solutions including graphics designs, theme design, icon design and developing animation & audio for iPhone 3G