Windows Mobile Application Development

Mobile computing has emerged as one of the most prolific ways to make use of the computer in your palm and also when you are away from your office. With Microsoft bringing in continuous innovations in mobile computing through Windows Mobile Phone, it has made huge amount of difference in computing away from your office on a device which is sometimes even smaller than your palm.

Windows Mobile-based devices, both Pocket PC and Smartphone, are widely deployed around the world. Much of what drives the popularity of these highly portable devices is their rapidly improving hardware capabilities. These devices now provide high-quality displays, cameras, increased memory sizes, and powerful communications capabilities that were unimaginable not long ago.

Windows mobile platform is the compact version of the powerful desktop Windows operating system which gives the developers the scalability and variety of options in developing customized applications. With customized mobile application development, users can use their Windows mobile to manage their contacts, emails and internet usage.

Awe Designz can help you in developing diverse and unique mobile applications to meet your business and personal needs. Our tech-savvy and meticulous developers ensure the final application to be cost effective.

Services Offered:

  • Programming services on Windows Mobile Pocket PC based Devices
  • Connected and Disconnected Mode Application
  • Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle
  • SQL Mobile & Oracle Lite Support
  • Integration with Enterprise Database using XML / Replication
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0 Development
  • Mobile enabled website development

Hire Dedicated Windows Mobile Application Developers from Awe Designz

If you have a fairly large project or multiple number of projects and you need a dedicated team to be working on them, Awe Designz provides experienced and skilled dedicated Windows Mobile Application programmers/developers on full time, hourly based, projects based on monthly contract as per your requirements.

Contact us further for a free consultation and project proposal. Our softwares are top-notch and our pricing competitive.