Website Re-Designing

Our professional web experts and designers allow small / medium businesses to extend their reach and market their products around the world through innovative new web design concepts. These days Speed and liveliness have become the new metric of innovation helping you keep abreast with the latest trends and fashion of the Internet world that change faster than you can even realize. For many entities that have already embraced the Internet, it is time to refocus their online presence with a web site re-engineering. Whether it's improving their online presence or developing a new web site for their offline brand image or leveling the playing field with their competitors, the key to survival is continuous improvement.

The various reasons for which you should opt for website redesign services may include in incorporating the expansion of your business through new loos, tools and features available to make your website a better browsing experience for your users. With time as your business expands, your old site will become incapable of reflecting the true status and all the products and services you would want to show to your customers.

Advantages of Redesigning services:

  • Web Re-Designing offerings:
  • Re-engineering Existing Web Site Homepage
  • Entire site face-lift
  • Content Re-Writing
  • HTML To DIV Conversion (Table less site)
  • Image To Flash Conversion (Flash for homepage, inner page)
  • W3C Compliance and Standards Checking
  • Platform migrations of Existing Web Site (Microsoft to Linux, Linux to Microsoft)
  • Maintenance of Existing Web Sites (Content maintenance, adding new webpage, adding new database)

Awe Designz works towards benefits for the customers by making sure that the needs are properly understood to provide just the right solutions. We make sure that our Website Redesign services render all that to make your website to the top of the charts and include all the latest trends and features.

Contact us for more information and consult how your website can re-designing and improved in various ways.