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Aashish Bisht

About Aashish Bisht

With background in technology and mathematics, I can provide technical solutions including website design, website development, B2B shopping carts, B2C shopping carts, mobile application development, iOS application development & Android application development. I am always available to create custom websites, help you with internet marketing or almost any technology project that you need done right, on time and under budget.

Strong Experience in conceptualizing and creating a logical development architecture for Web, Mobile and Software products. Solutions-focused and results-driven with more than 10 years of progressive, cross-industry management success.

Here's who we work with:

✓ BRANDS & BUSINESSES - Are you looking to get your idea converted to a website or a mobile application? We create custom and responsive websites that work seamlessly on all desktop and mobile devices. If you want to explore the mobile platform, we can create apps for you in iOS and Android.

✓ DESIGNERS, AGENCIES & CONSULTANTS - Are you looking for a team who can provide you support with backend development? Do you provide consultation and design services and need someone to convert the design to an online presence?

✓ PROFESSIONALS & ENTREPRENEURS - Would you like to build your personal brand, INFLUENCE, IMPACT & INCOME? We can create your personal site or convert your ideas into a mobile app.

✓ ONLINE STORE DEVELOPMENT: Highly experienced in creating eCommerce websites in Magento. Creating custom function by creating developing Magento extensions. Third party integration with Magento by developing APIs and web services.

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Simple tool to test the responsiveness of your website

In our earlier post, we provided an online tool through which you can test the compatibility of your website on different screen sizes. If that tool is a little complex for you, try this to check how your website will look on different devices: http://www.awedesignz.com/simple-responsive-design-testing/

Tool to test responsiveness of your website

How friendly is your website on different screen sizes? Check the responsiveness of your website:: http://www.awedesignz.com/website-responsiveness-test

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