Responsive web design – Are you looking to take your website to the next level?

responsive web designWe help take the complexity out of responsive design with details on Design, Development and Strategy. Responsive design allows your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on. It provides you with the capability to write once publish everywhere, meaning less work for you.

Most of the customer base for any domain or industry use iPhones, Android mobile devices, iPads and similar smart devices, it is highly recommended that you should really get your website converted to a responsive web design. Another great advantage of getting a responsive web design is that you wouldn’t have to implement SEO for multiple websites. Responsive website designs present many opportunities for business owners to tailor their websites to be used on mobiles and tablets, allowing their customers to more readily access key information and get through the call to action process.

Responsive web design is a powerful and modern approach to designing and building mobile-friendly websites and applications. There are are a lot of development elements to be aware of while building your responsive designed website. Responsive web design can be achieved in three simple steps. A flexible grid based layout, enable flexible media, and finally the addition of media queries.

Ready for a responsive website? It is not just about layouts anymore: a responsive redesign will raise challenges with your current design, development, and publishing processes. Whether you’re just starting out or already in the thick of things, we can help you make the move to mobile and beyond.

  1. Easier navigation – By building your website as a responsive layout it will be easier and more enjoyable for mobile viewers to use, with tailored menu systems and appropriately sized elements. This could be the deciding factor for potential customers between your business and a competitor.
  2. Money-saving – It will also be a better investment for your business as it will last longer, adapting to new viewing technologies. When a responsive structure is employed from the start of a build it can save development costs down the line, and is more economical than building a mobile version and desktop version of your website.
  3. Time-saving – What’s more, if your website uses a content management system you will only need to update information once, whereas with separate mobile and desktop sites you would need to carry out the changes twice.
  4. Search Engine Optimization – By using one responsive framework for your website all link-building and other activity is kept in one place, meaning it is an easier task to manage your search engine optimization. If you are using an analytics tool it will also mean all your traffic is registered to one website rather than multiple accounts, leading to a more holistic online marketing approach.

Where and how to start with responsive web design?

The reasons you should move across to responsive design continues to grow. It saves you time, it saves you money, and best of all enables your user to access your content the way they love. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you risk losing traffic, visitors, and ultimately business. Having a single website that works everywhere offers significant savings over creating multiple native mobile apps.

If you are looking for a new responsive website or to update your existing website to a responsive web design, our experienced web team can talk you through about how your site would work on various screen sizes responsively. By focusing on great user experiences from small screen to big, we increase conversion rates and ensure the maximum potential return on investment for our clients. If you would like to find out more about responsive website development and how it could benefit your business email us at

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