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eCommerce magento development companyAwe Designz follows a rigorous process to create great looking and functional Magento websites using global Magento development standards. Choosing the right Magento development company is very important. Just getting a Magento eCommerce website is not enough. Your customer should have great level of satisfaction while shopping on your Magento shop. This includes overall design, fast loading of eCommerce website, enhanced product catalog and shopping cart experience. For this, you need to have a very strong Magento development team which can create a flawless working Magento eCommerce website for you.

Why use Awe Designz’s Magento development services and Magento developers?

If you have read the features that Magento CMS provides here, we will discuss the process about how a Magento Store website is developed – from designing for an eCommerce store in Magento, integrating the design with Magento shop to installing external extensions and customizing them. Magento eCommerce sshop is a feature-rich online shopping solution that allows each page of your website to be designed spectacularly to give a rich feeling of virtual shopping experience to users. Magento comes with a default skin, theme or template that doesn’t give a great experience as a shopping cart to be used in its raw form. If you want a custom design to be used for your online Magento store, following are the pages for which designs have to be prepared and created for Magento Websites. Awe Designz as one of the best Magento development company which creates custom designs for clients eCommerce websites.

Magento website designs

When Awe Designz creates websites for the Magento shop, we design the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Product listing page/catalog page/product category page – these are all the same, just called differently. All the products are displayed or based on the specific category/filter chosen. These can be styled in a lot different ways.
  • Product detail page – Single product page with detail information about it, images, related products, cross-selling product items and up-sell product items. More information can be displayed on this page depending on the requirement of the client; such as product rating and reviews, share product on social networking websites, product tags, etc.
  • Shopping cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Customer account page

Once the above pages are designed, then it goes into the Magento development phase.

eCommerce Magento development phase includes:

Once the designs are created, they is converted into HTML5/CSS3 and the Magento theme is developed to be integrated with the Magento shop. After integrating the Magento theme, we test it for cross browser compatibility. We create responsive Magento websites using Bootstrap framework and Foundation CSS framework. After all this is done, we proceed forward to customize the Magento website according to the client’s requirement. This may involve installing and configuring a lot of third party extensions, integration Magento shop with external ERP or POS systems or custom coding the Magento files to get the required results. We follow industry and Magento development best practices to customize the Magento eCommerce website. We do it in a way so that when you upgrade Magento with a new version, no customization done by us is lost. Other features that are included to create a complete online store in Magento would be configuring the payment methods, shipping methods and on page SEO optimization.

To sum it up, following is the Magento development process to design and develop an eCommerce shop in Magento:

  • Magento design creation in Photoshop resulting into a layered PSD file
  • Design HTML5/CSS3, responsive Magento websites using Bootstrap and Foundation CSS Frameworks
  • Magento theme/skin creation
  • Theme integration with Magento shop
  • Third party or custom extension installation
  • Extension features design customization
  • Product upload on your eCommerce store
  • Various shipping methods configuration such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon etc
  • Payment methods configuration
  • On Page SEO of your eCommerce shop
  • Speed optimization of the complete website through various ways. Magento’s default file system is heavy with many processes running making a lot of HTTP requests. We optimize these completely for a smooth shop browsing experience.
  • Rigorous online store website testing

Magento development, testing and training

Once the complete Magento website is created and configured, we would start training on how to use the Magento admin panel to add/update products, description and images of products, creating and processing orders, checking the analytics of your online store, creating blogs (if a blog extension is integrated such as WordPress), how to use various promotional features that are available in the Magento backend/admin panel. Our created Magento eCommerce website and Magento’s powerful admin panel/tools will give you the power to manage and sell your products with great ease and success. Within no time, you can easily earn back the money invested in getting your online store designed and developed.

The eCommerce shops designed/developed by our expert Magento teams (eCommerce Strategists, Magento project managers, Magento designers, Magento developers, testers) have enhanced the business presence of our clients and their brands. With great communication, management and support, we work along with clients and their business requirements right from designing the blue print, designing the shop, configuring, developing and deploying on the server to maintaining it for the client. With the creativity and expertise of our workforce, you can consider us as your Magento development and maintenance/support team.

Magento Online Store Trends and Updates

Once all the Magento development and customizations are done and you start earning your money back from it, our eCommerce strategists will keep you updated about the latest trends in the online shopping world. As you know that eCommerce these days is highly promoted and run through social media marketing and interaction, our strategists and Magento consultants will advise you on the features that you should incorporate in your eCommerce store to double up the revenue. The trends keep on changing and our eCommerce experts keep track of all the updates, news and features released on the World Wide Web.
For creating your Magento shop, Awe Designz as a Magento development company, provides the following Magento design, Magento development and Magento shop customization services:

  • Magento eCommerce design
  • eCommerce Magento development
  • Magento custom theme design and development
  • Magento theme integration
  • Magento customization services
  • Magento custom module development and integration
  • Marketing promotions of your Magento eCommerce store
  • Search engine optimization for online store in Magento
  • Custom payment gateway integration and shipping methods
  • Magento store management training
  • Custom API integration with Magento

Hire a Magento developer from Awe Designz for all your Magento development work

Our clients usually hire a Magento developer from us when:

  • They have multiple projects in Magento eCommerce website to be built which may take a few months.
  • When they don’t have the complete requirements of the Magento development project, however, want to get started with the basic features they have planned for their website.
  • They have a fairly large project wherein they need development support by utilizing our Magento developers.
  • They need maintenance and development support for their already developed Magento store.

Awe Designz provides experienced and skilled dedicated Magento developers on full time on monthly basis, hourly basis, or projects based for Magento development projects as per your requirements.

Email us at being as descriptive as possible about your Magento development or Magento customization requirements and we will get back to you to discuss about your Magento development project needs in detail.

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