There are a lot of clients that come to us with their questions on the usage of Magento eCommerce for their online store. There could be hundreds of ideas running in their minds but implementing them is where they get stuck. If this is something familiar to you, we can certainly help you converting your ideas into a rewarding business process. You may already have an existing store in Magento or any other eCommerce platform, but lack of success could make you wonder if you need to revise your online business plan. You may also know in bits and pieces about what your customer wants, however, probably not able to join all the pieces together or implement your ideas precisely. With our experience and expertise, we will guide you on how to convert your online store to an “eCommerce” store! You may have a great plan for your eCommerce store, however, implementing it by setting up Magento, using the right features or enhancing specific features using the Magento modules could be a bit confusing.

Choosing to go for the apt solutions according to your online business is very crucial in defining the success of your store by installing the right extensions, Magento specific hosting servers, marketing strategies will all affect your sales and profits.

How Awe Designz can assist you in launching your online eCommerce store in Magento?

If you want to open up your own eCommerce store and are in the initial stages of planning to decide on which technology to use for your online store, what all features should be there apart from basic shopping cart, which hosting server you should choose to deploy your website onto, how would you be marketing your store and many other questions; we can answer all your questions and provide you with the best available solutions and suggestions according to the market. We will discuss about your business and your competitors in detail. If you are not entering a niche market, analyzing existing competition is very necessary. In order to beat the competition, you have to provide more options and features to the customers.

We need to have all the information to gain a deep understanding of your business and expect full support from you to devise a comprehensive and detailed plan for your website. Using our experience and eCommerce expertise, we will utilize the proven processes and techniques to analyze and compare your requirements with the latest trends in the market. We will strategically create a business proposal for you defining the best Magento features to be used according to your requirements, third party extensions to enhance and add more options, choosing the right hosting server to speed up the browsing experience, and provide practical recommendations to market your online store. This will lead us to a design and develop a functional and a great user friendly website; ensuring the success of your eCommerce store.

What are the benefits of choosing Awe Designz Magneto Consulting Services?

  • Our experience provides great expertise and understanding of Magento eCommerce Solutions.
  • We will guide you in defining your business plan, implementing it in the Magento Store and provide various online store marketing methods & techniques.
  • You are saved from the risks by relying on expert advise and solutions.
  • We develop optimized and great functional websites predicting and keeping in mind latest and future eCommerce trends
  • No Magento consulting service charges!

Do you already have an existing eCommerce store in Magento and looking to enhance and monetize it further?

If you already have an existing Magento Store and you feel that it is not giving the output or sales you expect, our eCommerce consultant will assist you to analyze your store and provide solutions to enhance it according to the market and customer shopping trends. We will do a lot of testing using the A/B methods where we would compare various implemented solutions and choose the one which gets more response from the users.

Once we have the knowledge of your online business environment by studying your and your competitor’s websites, we will work on the design and navigation of your store, enhance the marketing tools, add cross-sell/up-sell products, related/recommended products, rating and reviews for all the products which will promote your online store to a great extent. Of course these would not be the only ways through which will optimize your Magento store. The methods and ways would be used after we analyze your store and competition. Once we work on your store, you will see the increase in online sales and an increase in your ROIs.

For any online store to succeed, a detailed working strategy is very necessary. We will analyze your existing business, features that you have already implemented in the store, what your competitors are doing and then revise your store again. Our eCommerce constants will evaluate your business goals, thoroughly research your competitors strength you reach to your target consumers’ requirements. We will want to get to know how your business works and familiarize ourselves with the industry as well as inner processes and rivals in order to develop the unique creative strategy to make the best solutions.

How Awe Designz eCommerce and Magento consultants will assist you?

  • Analyze your store and look for problem areas in your Magento store.
  • Check and compare the features on competitor’s online store.
  • Research about the latest trends and future possible upgrades in the market according to your business domain.
  • Implement a list of enhancements in your Magento eCommerce website.
  • Make your eCommerce Store Search Engine friendly.
  • Make enhancements in the back end to manage the Magento Store.

Awe Designz eCommerce consultant team does a lot of research and stays updated with the latest trends and user behavior in the market. These days just anyone can deploy a Magento store for you, however, we have the ability and expertise to understand your business base and craft an online presence for you that attracts, retains and increases your online sales & revenue. We implement global industry proven methods driving traffic through effective store optimization that creates visibility for your products and services.

Awe Designz provides the following Magento Consulting services:

  • Create and suggest solutions for your online store or Analyze your existing Magento Store.
  • Strategic planning to enhance and optimize your online store.
  • Magento Store re-designing, development and customization.
  • Search engine optimization to highlight your products and services in the online market.
  • Regular updates and suggestions to enhance you store with the changing eCommerce trends.

We have great expertise and knowledge that goes beyond just deploying your ideas in the Magento Store. Our expert eCommerce strategists will offer a wall to wall analysis and provide suggestions from architecture planning to post-deployment. We effectively assist everyone from small businesses looking to establish an online presence to large enterprises that are looking to increase margins with lower operational costs and overheads. Our experience combined with development skills ensure that the solutions we implement on your store are complimented by great results and output. Awe Designz also provides experienced and skilled dedicated Magento programmers on full time, hourly basis or projects based on monthly contracts as per your requirements.

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