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advanced magento customizationAwe Designz offers Magento customization services to make the Magento eCommerce website according to your business requirements. We assist our clients in modifying their Magento website to manage their online sales with custom eCommerce design and integration of various features in their Magento shop. Our Magento developers can assist you in Magento theme customization, customization of shipping and payment modules, customization of checkout process and various other sales related customization.

Magento Community edition provides a lot of features and functionality to run your online eCommerce store. You can increase your ROIs through your online Magento eCommerce website by utilizing all the features provided by the Magento CMS. There are times when you want some features that are not provided by the default Magento CMS. A lot of them can be fulfilled by installing and integrating third party Magento extensions, however, at times even the third party Magento extensions are not able to provide you with the desired or business needs. In this case, you would want either your Magento website’s code to be customized or get a customized extension developed that you may use in your other Magento eCommerce websites as well.

Magento customization is essentially a process of customizing a Magento eCommerce website in a way so that it perfectly matches with your online business needs. Magento customization can dramatically boost your online store performance and increase sales.

What all Magento Customization services does Awe Designz provide?

Awe Designz assists in setting up amazing Magento shopping carts by customizing Magento to great extents. Our eCommerce website development expertise and Magento customization will help your customers to complete the buying process rather than leaving the website at any time and you get to increase your business conversion rates. Our Magento developers have invested a lot of time in studying the core files of Magento and now assist our clients and customers in getting their Magento eCommerce websites run smoothly.

Magento theme and design customization: We offer Magento theme customization services by considering our clients’ requirements and business needs. There are a lot of third party Magento theme providers. If you like a theme and need changes done on it, our Magento developers will assist you in changing the template, layouts, blocks, images, CSS and JavaScript.

Magento Module Customization: As a Magento customization company, we offer Magento module customization services by customizing third party Magento extensions according to your requirements. If you need a custom Magento extension and would like to take your Magento shop to the next level, we can modify Magento’s frontend and backend modules to fit your Magento store. We offer Magento admin extension customization, Magento shop frontend extensions and enhanced catalog customization services.

Magento integration and Magento customization services: We develop custom interfaces to integrate with external product catalogs, processing or order fulfillment systems, shipping systems and accounting systems. Our Magento developers can create custom interfaces to third party services and systems based on the Magento API, XML, web services, email, SFTP, etc. Our Magento developers are completely capable of Magento customization in and with all 3rd party ERP/POS systems.

Following are some examples of Magento customization we have done from simple to complex client requirements

  • Product Quick View: A feature to view the details about a product from the Product Category Page. A customer can also add product through the Quick Option. This can either be implementing AJAX or JavaScript depending on other features of the website. We have to make sure there are no JavaScript conflicts on the web page.
  • Unique designs for different Multi Stores in Magento
  • Downloadable Products, Gift Card and Discount Offer System implementation in Magento
  • Magento EBay/Amazon Integration
  • Magento Custom Shipping Module
  • Magento Custom One Page Checkout
  • Magento Store and Joomla CMS integration and synchronization with Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Magento Integration with various Payment Gateways
  • Magento Integration with ERP Software
  • Custom Report Module for the Magento Website Admin
  • Multi Vendor – Multi Store in Magento without using any third party extension.
  • Magento Store synchronization with another Custom Built eCommerce Website
  • Custom API Integration, Cron Job Setup, Inventory Management with external ERP and CRM software
  • Custom Menu Development, Custom Search Implementation in a Magento Store

Publishing your products on various marketplaces and networking websites benefits the online store owners in generating more revenue. Keeping in mind about the various trends on the internet, Awe Designz Magento eCommerce developers provide you with the right kind of consulting with their rich Magento customization experience and development expertise.

What are the Magento Development Services that Awe Designz provides?

Since our developers have a strong base/foundation in Core PHP and Zend Framework, it gets very easy for them to offer Magento customization services. While able to customize Magento eCommerce website is one thing, customizing and optimizing the code according to the best standards is a different thing. Our developers take utmost care to develop and customize your Magento shop matching the global development standards. Following are the Magento development and Magento customization services that Awe Designz provides:

  • Magento theme integration and Magento customization services
  • POS, CRM, and ERP with Magento customization and synchronization services
  • Magento custom module development and Magento extension customization services
  • Magento multi store and multi vendor customization services
  • Magento shipping customization
  • Magento payment gateways integration and customization
  • Magento checkout customization
  • Custom cron job scripts in Magento
  • Custom product preview in Magento shop
  • Magento site migration

What are the benefits of hiring developers for Magento customization from Awe Designz?

Modifying Magento code could be an extremely complex process and you certainly would not like to have this done by an inexperienced developer. By hiring a Magento developer from Awe Designz, you will get benefits such as economical development prices, quick turnaround time and experienced Magento customization standards. Our Magento customization services allow us to customize your shopping carts according to your choice. Awe Designz provides experienced and skilled dedicated Magento Developers on full time, hourly based, projects based on monthly contract as per your requirements.

  • Experienced and expert Magento programmers
  • Our Magento developers present right mix of experience, skills and technical knowledge
  • Highly useful Magento customization service provider for day to day business requirements
  • Give clients the facility to operate multiple developers
  • Project quality matters more to us than its price

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