Magento Module Development and Customization

Magento is one of the most powerful open source eCommerce framework that offers rich built in features for running an online store. Apart from the various back-end management and front-end features, you can utilize various third party Magento Modules and extensions to make your eCommerce store more attractive, user friendly and highly rewarding for the customers. You can also install and add modules to manage the store more effectively from the back-end. There are thousands of Magento Extensions available at Magento Connect which can install and use on your store. If you can’t find a module that suits your requirement, there is a great possibility of either customizing and enhancing the already developed/similar Magento Modules or creating one from scratch.

In the competitive online store market, Magento extensions play a very important role in successfully operating eCommerce stores. Since Magento is an open source framework and is built on a fully modular model, it gives an opportunity to Magento developers for unlimited scalability, flexibility and customization. Magento modules provide the great unique features and help extending the functionality of your eCommerce store. The installed modules can assist you in expanding, advancing and enhancing the Magento store and allow store owners to launch a great looking and customer friendly eCommerce store. Apart from enhancing the Magento online stores, the available Magento Modules also provide a cost effective solution to the store owners.

Advantages of Magento Modules and Extensions:

  • Magento Modules and their customization help in providing custom services to customers depending on the latest marketing trends.
  • It helps in fulfilling and implementing your business plans in the online store. It could be providing a lot of features and options to the customers in the front-end or enhancing the management process in the backend.
  • Using Magento extensions, it becomes very easy to integrate social media platform easily with the eCommerce store. Your customers would be able to login/register on your shopping cart without having to fill out long registration forms or share your products and services on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The social media also assists the shopping store in inviting more customers through sharing and referrals.
  • Payment Methods and custom shipping rates can be easily implemented using various available Magento plugins and modules.
  • You can easily publish and export your products to various marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon.

Following are some examples of extensions that you may want to add to your store for both Customer and Admin usability and management:

  • Quick view on product list page or category pages.
  • Advanced Newsletter integration, custom and dynamic newsletters modules
  • Social Media Accounts login and registration in Magento
  • Social bookmarking features on product detail pages
  • Ajax Magento Cart: Customers would be able to add products in their cart without reloading the entire site.
  • Reward Points Modules: Reward customers with creditable points for inviting friends, buying products from your website, invited friends making a purchase and a lot more!
  • Advance and Auto Search Extensions – Like Google Search
  • Bulk Upload: Bulk Product upload of more than 40,000 products
  • Product Image Zoom, Videos for each product
  • Product Designing Tools – T-shirts, Mugs, Greeting Cards, Banners Designing Options
  • Customized shipping
  • Subscription and recurring payments for various products and services on your store.
  • One Step Checkout: increasing conversions rate by simplifying the checkout process.
  • Abandoned Carts Alerts: Getting alerts about cart abandonment!
  • Payment gateway integration

Awe Designz helps the Magento online store owners to build interactive and customized ecommerce stores. Our expert technical team will assist you to identifying the best available solutions and extensions to enhance your store features and operations. Our skilled Magento developers and eCommerce strategists will assist you in bridging the gap between technology, business and marketing. Our developers take utmost care while integrating third party modules to make sure that your store remains stable and hassle free for future upgrades.

Awe Designz provides the following Magento Module Development Services:

  • Development of Magento Modules
  • Customization of Magento Modules
  • Development and Customization of Magento Back-end Modules.
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Modules Integration and customization
  • EBay, Amazon and other Market Places integration and Customization

Awe Designz can create customized extensions to meet the specific needs of your e-store. Magento extensions can assist in creating a big difference in your ROIs. By providing various marketing features, creating a beautiful virtual ambiance through the inspiring layouts, great navigation structures for customers when browsing for products and catalogs, unique and customized shipping options, simplifying the checkout process through one step checkout, Currency convertors and multilingual support for various countries can make a big impact on your customers.

Our developers follow the global Magento Development Guidelines and rigorously test the Magento extensions.
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